CallControl basics

Before using CallControl you need to configure the app.

1) Dialing numbers

There are many options to dial numbers with CallControl

a) Dial by typing the number

To do so, type the number you want to dial into the "Dial:" field in the main window of CallControl and press either <enter> on your keyboard or click the "Dial" button.

b) Dial from the call history

To dial a number from the history just double click the item in the history of calls and CallControl will dial the number.

c) Dial from the Contacts app (formerly "AddressBook")

To dial from the Contacts app navigate to the contact you want to call and click onto the identifier (e.g. "mobile") of the number. The popup menu will present you with the option "Dial using CallControl".

d) Dial with AppleScript

You can dial any number with AppleScript. An AppleScript to dial could look like this:

Based on your AppleScript knowledge you can develop much more complex scripts to dial numbers.

e) Dial from a website

To dial a number from a website the number must be formatted as a hyperlink.

E.g. <a href="tel:1-510-555-6938">1-510-555-6938</a>

CallControl will recognize the following URL schemes

tel:, callto:, dialcallcontrol:

The urls can look like that:

tel:1-510-555-6258 or tel:15105556258 or tel:+15105556258

callto:1-510-555-6258 or callto:15105556258 or callto:+15105556258

dialcallcontrol:1-510-555-6258 or dialcallcontrol:15105556258 or dialcallcontrol:+15105556258

You may choose whether to use the url scheme with slashes or without tel: and tel:// are both valid. That applies to callto: and dialcallcontrol: as well.

2) Dialing rules

You can apply dialing rules (smart numbering) to each option from 1). Dialing rules will add a dialing prefix to each number you dial and replace country codes and set the correct national access codes for your numbers when dialing. 

This enables CallControl to send the correct digits to Asterisk when you're trying to dial a number like +1-510-555-2585 or 1-800-PICK-UPS.

The steps CallControl takes are: 

1. Try to recognize whether the phone number is from the country you are in. If yes CallControl will remove the country code (e.g. +1-510-555-2585 becomes 510-555-2585)

2. CallControl adds the national access code (e.g. 1 to the number -> 1-510-555-2585)

3. CallControl prefixes the number with your dialing prefix (e.g. 9 -> 9 1-510-555-2585)

4. If you have any letters in the number these are replaced by the correct digits (e.g. 1-800-PICK-UPS -> 1-800-7425-877)

5. The number is cleaned of all non-numeric characters (e.g. 9 1-510-555-2585 -> 915105552585)

6. Then CallControl starts submitting the number to Asterisk.

To activate these dialing rules open "Preferences..." -> "Integration" and choose the corresponding checkboxes for the various ways CallControl shall apply the rules.

To apply dialing rules to numbers dialed by typing in the number as explained in a) turn on "Use dialing rules, when manually dialing"

To apply dialing rules to numbers dialed by typing in the number as explained in c) turn on "Use dialing rules, when dialing from AddressBook"

To apply dialing rules to numbers dialed by typing in the number as explained in d) turn on "Use dialing rules, when dialing from AppleScript"

To apply dialing rules to numbers dialed by typing in the number as explained in e) turn on "Use dialing rules, when dialing using tel:// URLs". This rule applies to all url schemes (tel:, callto:, and dialcllcontrol:).

3) Deleting the Call history

To delete the call history choose "Actions" -> "Clear history" from the menu bar.

4) Call parking

If your Asterisk PBX allows parking calls you can Park a call by right-clicking onto a current call in the call history and choosing "Park" from the context menu.



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