Setup Yeastar MyPBX for CallControl

Yeastar MyPBX is compatible with CallControl.

Yealink provided us with their manual to setup Yeastar MyPBX for CallControl in German language. You may download it here:

1) Setup Yeastar MyPBX for CallControl

1. Login to the web administration panel of your MyPBX system.

2. Click the "System"-icon on the top and navigate to "Security Settings" -> "AMI Settings" in the menu on the left hand side.

3. Activate the "Enable AMI" box and choose a username and password for CallControl. Insert these values into the username and password fields.

4. Add the IP subnet and mask of the Macs, which shall be allowed to use CallControl. To learn more about network/subnet mask, click here.

5. Save the settings

2) Configure CallControl for Yeastar MyPBX

1. Open "CallControl"

2. Click "Preferences..." in the "CallControl" menu

3. Open the tab "General" and set the following preferences:

  • Hostname: <IP or hostname of your My PBX system>
  • Port: 5038
  • Username: <the username you set up in this manual for AMI>
  • Password: <the passwordyou set up in this manual for AMI>
  • CRAM MD5 Auth: <disable>
  • Asterisk Channel: SIP/<extension number> (e.g. SIP/302)
  • Dialout Context: DLPN_DialPlan<extension number> (e.g. DLPN_DialPlan302)
  • Dialin Extension: <extension number> (e.g. 302)

4. Open the tab "Phone" and set the following preferences:

  • Caller ID: <extension number> (e.g. 302)
  • FXO Prefix: 3

5. Set up the other options like "Dialing Prefix", "Country Code", etc. based on your environment

6. Close the Preferences and restart CallControl


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