Configure CallControl for Askozia

Before setting up CallControl for Askozia, please make sure you are done setting up Askozia for CTI integration. To learn how to do this, please use the following manual: Setup Askozia...

Setting up CallControl for Askozia is easy. Just follow these steps:

1. Open "CallControl"

2. Click "Preferences..." in the "CallControl" menu

3. Open the tab "General" and set the following preferences:

  • Hostname: <IP or hostname of your Askozia PBX system>
  • Port: 5038
  • Username: <the username you set up for Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI)>
  • Password: <the password you set up for this user (It's called "Secret" in the settings in Askozia)>
  • CRAM MD5 Auth: <enable>
  • Asterisk Channel: SIP/<extension number> (e.g. SIP/101)
  • Dialout Context: <the context of your phone. You should have noted it down in the Setup Askozia for CallControl manual>
  • Dialin Extension: <extension number> (e.g. 101)
  • Dialin Context: <internal>

4. Open the tab "Phone" and set the following preferences:

  • Caller ID: <extension number> (e.g. 101)
  • FXO Prefix: 3

5. Set up the other options like "Dialing Prefix", "Country Code", etc. based on your environment

6. Close the Preferences and restart CallControl



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