Setup Askozia for CallControl

To setup Askozia for CallControl follow these steps:

1. Open the Askozia web-interface in your web browser.

2. Click onto "Open admin interface"

3. In the menu on the left-hand side click "Advanced" and then "Manager"

4. Turn-on the checkbox "Make AMI available from the outside"

5. Below the header "Asterisk Manager Interface" click the green "add"-button on the right-hand side

6. Set the following fields:

Username: <choose a username e.g. cti1 - note it down as username for CallControl>

Secret: <choose a password - note it down as the password for CallControl>

Deny Network: /

Permit Network: <network and netmask of your computer> (to find out the network and netmask of your computer, click here)

Read: <turn on the following checkboxes: agent, call, user, verbose>

Write: <turn on the following checkboxes: agent, call, originate>

7. Click "Save".

8. Click "Save" on the "Manager"-screen again.


Now you need to find out the extension and the context of the phone you want to use CallControl with:

1. You're still in the Askozia admin interface

2. In the menu on the left-hand side click "Accounts" and then "Phones"

3. You will see a list with the phones registered in Askozia. Click onto the number of your extension (101 in this example). Note this number (e.g. 101) down as your extension.

4. The web interface will present you all options to configure this phone. These aren't important at this moment. Click into your web browsers address bar to see the complete address of the website you are visiting right now.

5. Select and copy the part behind "uniqids=" of the address. This normally starts with SIP-PHONE-<some id>

6. This is the "context of your phone". Note it down to set it as the conetxt in CallControl's Preferences.

Now you gathered all information to setup CallControl with Askozia. Continue with this manual to setup CallControl.


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